Rasher Projected Cover Page

Rasher Projected Cover Page
He rides with the wind. He rages against injustice.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Beginning

My name is Jason Albert.  I have had an idea for a novel for many years now.  I have tried to write this novel over and over again, but failed miserably.  The words would come out fine, but something was missing.

My son Gabriel is 12 years old and heavy into art.  He is currently enrolled in a visual arts magnet school for the 6th grade.  Together we have made an attempt at our artistic creations in many forms.  We have done paintings and drawings.  We have made movies and attempted animation.  We have bought many "How To Draw" books and watched thousands of video tutorial. 

It was by chance that we came across a tutorial on a program called , Blender.  We watched the tutorials and joined the forums.  It wasn't long before we started creating our own things in Blender.  It was so much fun.

Gabriel has always been into super heroes and recently got into comic books.  He suggested that we turn my failed attempts at writing my novel into a comic book.  I started writing the script and in less than a day; 20 years of failure turned into a satisfying comic book script.

We have a long way to go, but are confident that we will finish.  We are at the beginning phases of production now and can't wait until we have more to show for it.

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