Rasher Projected Cover Page

Rasher Projected Cover Page
He rides with the wind. He rages against injustice.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Programs Used

We have had to use a few different programs to put this project together.  The following is a list of the programs we have used so far and their URLs.

Blender Newbies Forum - A special shot out to my friends at the Blender Newbies Forum who without their help and advise I would not even be able to begin this project.

Blender 3D - This is a free download that we used to create the images for the panels of our Rasher Comic Book.

Gimp - This is a free download that we use to adjust the images we rendered from Blender

Celtx - This is a free download that we used to write the script for the Rasher Comic Book.  We also used this website to share the script with team members so that they may edit or adjust the script as needed.

Comic Life - This is a program that we use to put the comic book together.  It offers you different panel options and image style options.  It is a free trial download, but you buy the program for about $30

Hero Machine 2.5 - This is the website where we created our concept characters for the Rasher Comic Book.

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